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Process Paper


          I chose my topic, The End of the Witch Hangings: Salem Village Takes a Stand to Stop Hysteria, because I always had an interest in the supernatural. The Salem Witch Trials always interested me as a kid. Why in Salem? Why did the people in Salem Village not have the sense to stop the hysteria before 19 people were hanged and one man pressed to death by a pile of rocks? These are questions I asked, and now I finally have an opportunity to discover the answers and convey them to other kids and people who want to know all about the Salem witch trials. 

     Some of the sources I used were pulled from books and internet sources. The books and internet sources were very informative and very descriptive about the people involved and what happened in Salem Village and Salem Town. One of the books I used was called The Visionary Girls by Marion L. Starkey. This book, set in the time of the Salem witch trials, took place from the point of view of Ann Putnam, who was a key person in starting the outbreak of hysteria in Salem.  Another secondary source I found was from a television program, which was my most interesting and useful source. The television show was shown on Discovery Kids, but the segment was all about the Salem witch trials with Michelle Trachtenberg as the narrator. The segment was interesting, with pictures and music. It described the beginning, middle, and end of the Salem witch trials. 

     I chose to do a website because I have knowledge on how to publish a website and I also have knowledge on how to set up and make a website. I thought showing what happened the year of 1692 in Salem as a website, would be a great way to convey all the accusations and hysteria that happened that fateful year because a website could be just a click away. The making of my website started off with researching the Salem Witch trials and then putting that research into my website. I went to and picked my background, I then proceeded to fill in all of the information into my website. 

     The End of the Witch Hangings: Salem Village Taking a Stand to Stop Hysteria is a perfect example of Taking a Stand in History: People, Events, and Ideas. The Salem witch trials left a big mark in early United States history. Before the hysteria could be stopped, nineteen people where killed and one man was pressed to death by a pile of rocks. These deaths happened on the belief in spectral evidence, which many people started loosing faith in after all of the deaths happening, and after the trials, only some people confronted their mistakes and made a formal apology, and it has taken some time for Salem to reconvene themselves and apologize for all of the lives taken and all of the hysteria that happened the year of 1692, nearly three centuries ago. 

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