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     Tituba was an Indian woman from Barbadoes. She came to America along with her husband, John Indian, with  Reverend Samuel Parris, who was, at the time, a merchant trading in Barabdoes. When Tituba came to America, her role in the Parris household was to keep the house in order. Since Mrs . Parris was a pastor's wife, she was out doing jobs a pastor's wife does, so she did not have much time to care for the house. 

   Tituba was a likely target to be accused of being a witch. When she arrived, shortly afterword, Mr. Parris's daughter, Betty Parris, started having fits. Reverend Samuel Parris became worried about his daughter's welfare, so he called Dr. William Griggs. Dr Giggs looked and looked in his book, but could not find what was causing Betty to act this way. He could only find one explanation, litte Betty Parris was bewitched. Tituba, hearing Dr. Griggs diagnosis, baked a "witchcake," which is a mixtue of rye and Betty's urine, cooked and then fed to a dog. It was believed the dog would reveal the identity of Betty's afflictor.

Tituba and the Children

    When the people of Salem started changing their feelings towards the accusers and and the trials, Tituba recanted her confession. This further enraged Reverend Samuel Parris. He refused to pay her jail money. Tituba finally got out, after thirteen months in jail, when some unknown person paid the seven pounds for her release and bought her and her husband, John. It is unknown what happened to her after that unknown person bought her and her husband.

Tituba Teaching the First Act of Witchcraft

    When Reverend Samuel Parris found out about the witch cake, he was enraged. And more, a group of girls who started showing the same syptoms as Betty, formed a group,which named Tituba as the one of the witches tormenting them and making them convulse. Tituba denied these accusations, until Reverend Samuel Parris beat Tituba into confessing.
    Since Tituba was the first to confess of the three women accused, she avoided any more punishment. When Tituba confessed, she said she did not mean to hurt little Betty. She said she was scared into doing it by a man dressed in Black. She also confessed that he made her write her name in his book, and when he did, she saw the names of Sarah Osborne and Sarah Good, accusing them of pressuring her into hurting the girls.