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The End of the Salem Witch Trials

    Many poeple in the town of Salem started feeling that the trials weregetting way out of hand and killing many inncocent lives. On October 12, 1692, Governor Phips issued order that protected the current prisoners from harm and suspended any more arrest of people accused of witchcraft. Robert Calef, a merchant outreged by the progress of the trials, stated that Governor Phips only issued these orders on the belief that his own wife had been accused of working for Satan.

    Governor Phips created the Court of Oyer and Terminer to hear the rest of the trials left. The Court of Oyer and terminer did not take spectral evidence, so nobody was condemed. The last trial was held in January of 1693, with the count od deaths as 19 people by hanging and one by crushing rocks.  

    The aftermath of the Salem witch trials was severe. Many people were stuck in jail, unable to pay for their stay during the trials. Other people who were convicted had their land conviscated leaving families broke and homeless. 

Sewall Repents

    Reverend Joseph green replaced Samuel Parris. He tried to restore some order to the congregation by seating the accusers next to the accused. This helped a little bit and restored some people back to the congregation.

    Many people after the salem witch trials could not get along with each other like the accusers and the familes of the accused. Many people tried to repent their accusation and make public apologies to the families of the accused and to Salem. Many people did forgive, but many families still felt it was not enough.
    Since the Salem Witch trials has ended, there has been no more deaths because of witchcraft or an accusation of one. The Salem Witch Trials has left such an effect on Salem Village that it was renamed Danvers and is called that to this day.

Witches Sabbath

    During the Salem witch trials, many people left their houses and chores unatended and the trials disturbed the planting season, resulting in crop failures and epidemics in Salem.   

    Salem's Politics were also affected. The Essex County Court declared that the Salem Village commitee was being neglected and that they would be dismissed and replaced by an anti- Parris commitee.
    Reverend Samuel Parris hearing his job was in jeopardy so he decided to make a "meditation for Peace" sermon, admitting that he put to much weight on spectral evidence, but he did not gain the forgiveness from Salem and agreed to move out of Salem.

Trial of an Accused Witch in Salem